domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

My babette

 So after a long time in which this thing wasn't working properly, I'm back! Let me tell you about my babette blanket.
I've wanted to make one of these since the first time I saw them in flickr, but I always thought it was too much work and never was the right moment. But finally about two weeks ago I started crocheting it.
Had to do a bit of planning ahead..

 Started with the big squares, the 12 and 10 rounds ones, not sure why, and before I new it I had enough to complete one block!

I kept crocheting like mad and  in about five days I had enough squares to complete two of the four blocks I had originally planned. I laid them on the floor to arrange the colours and I realized it was big enough for a blanket, so, there it was, I had completed my babette squares in less than a week!

I started sewing them together. The boring part of these blankets, but I tried not to think too much about it and just did it. I had all the blocks sewn together in a couple of days

Well, yes, I still have a few ends to hide, hehe!!

I'm making quite a wide border, I want the blanket to look well "framed" if you know what I mean. Still a couple of rounds and it will be done. Mind you, I'm using it already, it's the good part of making blankets, when they're big enough you can enjoy using them when still working on them!

I'll post  better pictures when it's all finished and ready to show. It's hasn't been all that bad at all, it's true that I've been crocheting like mad for a week, but I`ve really enjoyed it. I highly recommend  this project to all crocheteers in the world. Very very rewarding and a great way of using leftovers. I can feel this won't be my only babette. Stay tunned!


11 comentarios:

  1. Qué bonita Pilar!
    Y qué envidia, algún día lo intentaré, aunque yo soy muchísimo más lenta.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I love it. LOVE it! x

  3. Well did it!!! Saw it over on Flickr, so came here to see it better! Such a beauty, in so little time....congrats!

  4. Pilar,
    Absolutely amazing, that you finished it so quickly.
    Its beautiful and you must be very pleased it has worked out so well.
    The colours are great. Like you say a lot of planning. I think you should have been a Garden Designer with this little plan, amazing!
    Love Suex

  5. This is fab...I, too, have wanted to make a Bab for along time. I just might need to start one after seeing yours. Thanks for popping in my garden.


  6. Wow Pilar, you are amazing!
    It took me 8 months to finish my Babette (I have to admit I did several other projects in between, like I am always working on more than one project).
    And I still have to present the finished Babette on my blog ;-(
    I love Babette!

  7. Love your blanket, it's very unique!

  8. Hello! I just love your lay-out for your Babette and want to know whether it is OK to be using it in a blog posting? I will link the posting back to your to your blog. PS i love your blog title and pic!