lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Autum is here!!!

And I love it!! I'm so fed up with summer. I can understand people living in cold countries who like soft, sunny nice summers, but here, right  in the middle of Spain, summer is everything but nice to me. It's too hot, too sunny, too dry. I plain and simply hate it. That's why it feels so good to wake up and find it's finally raining!!! It's cool and fresh, and the air feels and smells nice, mmmm I love it!

What have I done this weekend? Well, I`ve been out with friends, visiting the family and crocheting, of course!
I had a special request from a friend, he's always teasing me about my crochet bags, scarfs and so on, and he asked me to make him a hat for winter. I'm sure he didn't expect me to make him one, but I did, in just one day, yesterday I picked my hook and made this:

Quick and easy! He loves it and I love it, so everybody's happy. I'm making a matching scarf too, now, he didnt ask for it, it will be kind of an extra gift and I think it will be the perfect finishing touch, to keep him warm now that autum is finally here!!

5 comentarios:

  1. Lucky guy to get it so fast!!! he will be the envy of all when he gets the scarf too!!!
    Can you please blow some of that rain back over here? We are so dry and still so's getting scary.
    So nice to visit your blog Pilar.....I just noticed your "brain" up there!!! Neat picture!!!!

  2. Great colours on this tuque!I'd like to make one for each of my boys.There is never enough hats for the winter.
    Pilar, me gustaria intentarlo.Tienes las instrucciones? Hasta pronto,
    Gloria xx

  3. Lucky friend! Great hat, you did a great job!

  4. thanks girls!!
    The brain, yes, it's funny, I made it a while ago, just wanted to know what would happen if I crocheted following the Fibbonacci series, and that's what you get, a little crochet brain!!

    @Gloria: para hacer el gorro simplemente hago un circulo, aumentando poco a poco los puntos hasta que consigo la talla necesaria para cubrir la parte de arriba de la cabeza. Luego, ya sin aumentar sigo tejiendo hasta que es suficientemente largo. Haré fotos del paso a paso, que siempre se ve mejor.

  5. Your picture does really look like a brain! It makes me smile every time I pop over. Apologies for not coming sooner.
    I'm sure the hat will be very well received it's lovely.
    I do love your blog and love coming over to say hello!!
    Hugs Suex