lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Granny fever

I've been infected by a severe virus last week, the "Granny fever virus". This is the result of that infection.

Rainbow tissue box

 After seeing a lot of these lately over on Flickr, I just had to make one. Really easy and fast, thanks to the great tutorial you can find here. Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your wonderful ideas!

side 1
 This is what the hexagons have become, a colourful winter bag. Still have to do the lining and the handle, but you get the idea.

 I love how colourful it is, shame I'm not keeping it, a friend saw it and wanted it straight away! It seems I'll have to make another one for myself.

        This one I am keeping. It's a purse to carry hankies, lipstick, you know all that stuff women carry around with us!

 And these are some granny blocks I'm making, just for the fun of it! I really have a LOT of scrap yarn around!!!

And finally, this is another scarf I'm in the process of making inspired by this. This is the first try, a bit too dark for me, I think I'll have to make another one in brighter colours, maybe some colourful stripes,... we'll see....
                                 that's it for today, thanks for visiting and see you around!


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  1. You are being extremely creative at the moment... Loving all you are making...
    I can see why the bag has been picked already, it is going to look terrific when finished with handles...

  2. Wow! A lot of stuff! How can you crochet so beautifully? :-)

  3. Me encanta Pilar!
    Creo que yo también me haré una cajita para los pañuelos, he visto tantas últimamente que también me ha dado envidia.
    Y me encanta la carterita pequeña, creo que voy a coger esa idea, si me dejas...
    Qué creativa eres!

  4. Someone's been busy busy :0) and thank's for sharing your cold hehe it seems i have it now boo hoo Beautiful work my lovely xx

  5. thanks ladies! Yes, it looks like Autum inspires me somehow!! Sadly, my brain goes much faster than my hands, that's why I've got so many unfinished projects!!
    Merchy, encantada de servir de inspiraciòn, al fin y al cabo para eso estamos no?, para compartir ideas!!
    xxx :)

  6. OOh this is wonderful! Full of colour, full of lovely crocheting! Great ideas.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful squares received today, I am most grateful to you.
    They are so beautiful!
    Arrived safely!
    Hugs Suex

  7. Oh, I just found your blog! I see you just started and I'm so glad. I love all of your crochet projects. I signed up as a follower so I won't miss anything. Isn't it wonderful how we can all be connected via the internet? I love it. I have been inspired by all the talented and gifted bloggers. I love doing the granny squares...I see you have gotten the bug too to make Michelle's Tissue Box Cover. I just made a cover for a little stool using her same method for the corners and sides of the tissue box cover. I will blog about it soon. Welcome to Blogland!!!

  8. Wow, you have really been busy...very very nice work.

  9. Beautiful work and so nice colors :))

  10. Love love all these bright colours!