jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

why I belong to SIBOL

If you're in the crochet world you surely have come across SIBOL. What is this? It's a fantastic charity project a caring and lovely lady in England started around January this year.  I "met" her via Flickr, admired her gallery and her blog, and then she had this idea of making blankets for the elderly in memory of her beloved granmother. Go to her blog and read the whole story,  it's really worth it.

So why I joined this wonderful project?

 Because I love crocheting, in fact, I can't stop doing it, it's an addiction.

Because Sue has found a way of helping others doing what she (and all of us Sibolettes) love.

Because I worked for a while in a Nursing Home, and I know how too often people living there are somehow forgotten.

.Because she's proving that we ordinary people can do things to really change the world.
Maybe just a little corner of the world, but we are doing it. People from everywhere, no matter race, nationality or religion. I belong to that wonderful group and it feels soooo great!!!
For all that, thanks a lot Mrs Twins for starting this and for keeping it up with enthusiasm!

And now, I'd better get hooking or I'll be late for this month's challenges!!

Thanks for visiting and see you around!


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  1. great tribute to the lady who spurs us on!! You have been a part of this group for much longer than me, but I agree with you completely. Sue is amazing, and so are the ladies who keep her dream going!!! Your squares are always an inspiration Pilar!!! Lovely post!

  2. Great tribute for Sue, she is a very special lady. One of the most caring people I know. Your squares are always lovely. Many people will enjoy your squares for a long time. Thanks for doing this for Sue as why I belong to SIBOL. I am putting some squares in the mail for her tomorrow. Cathy

  3. Oh goodness me. I have just popped in before I 'retire' to dream land. I shall go to bed happy now thinking of all your sweet words.
    I can't tell you how wonderfully happy SIBOL makes me! Its' given me something to focus on now my daughters are older. I needed a purpose and I think I have found one.
    My Mother came today I spent a lovely afternoon with her. She sat on the sofa and I lay all the blankets across her. Her favourite one was Alice In Sunshinland I think karin called it by that name because of my Mother liking purple. She said (shes 80) that all the blankets were just so warm and beautiful. I Bought down two plastic storage boxes and then she had to sit through another one! Not more she said. She just couldn't believe the amount of Squares you had all sent in. Sue she said. 'How on earth have you had the patience to put all these together!'. I showed her a bag of blues I have to do, this is how they come Mom I said. This is how they end up in a blanket. she just loved looking at them, thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon. Then she read the blog SIBOL the visit to the Nursing Home she loved everything. She loved her afternoon too! She thought you were all so amazing. I have so many ideas, I dont know if I can ever stop! I'm just loving it.

    Its you dear Ladies I have to thank for making my dream come true.
    Marilyn, Cathy,
    and dear Pilar all these sweet words thank you! 'so much!'.
    Hugs to you all,
    Sue and thanks for the great post Pilar! x

  4. thanks girls! Its the least I could do, SIBOL has given me so much!!
    Sue, I think your mum is amazing, just had this idea, why don't you give her one of the blankets? Well, if it wasn't for her you wouldn't be here after all, would you? And all this wouldn't be happening, hehe!
    Thanks again for your sweet comments!!

  5. I agree with Pilar your mum would just love that one you mentioned i'm sure it would make her more than happy xxxxx Hey and a fabulous post Pilar super duper wonderful perfect words i'm sooo glad you took the plunge on the Blog much love Amandaxxx by the way if you progress round blogland faster than me (very slow ) i'll be hunting for tips and short cuts from you hehe take care my lovely xxxx

  6. It's fantastic to be a part of the Sibol family!

    Welcome in Blogland!

    ~X~ KArin